List of Upcoming Annual Orthodontic Meetings Of
International Orthodontic Conferences

Date Name of the conference Website/email Id
6th - 8th Dec 2022 The 3rd Taiwan International Orthodontic Forum (TIOF) & The 35th Annual Meeting of Taiwan Association of Orthodontists, Taipei, Taiwan.
16th - 18th Dec 2022 3rd Aligner Meeting of the Saudi Orthodontic Society
19th - 20th Dec 2022 9th International Orthodontic Conference  by Pakistan Association of Orthodontists, Arts Council of Pakistan, Karachi, Pakistan.
26th - 28th Jan 2023 The 35th Annual Congress of the Egyptian Orthodontic Society, Movenpick Jolie Ville Hotel, Luxor, Egypt.
7th - 9th Feb 2023 AEEDC Dubai World Orthodontic Conference, Dubai World Trade Centre, UAE
16th - 19th Feb 2023 26th IOS National PG Students Convention Lucknow, Sardar Patel Post Graduate Institute of Dental and Medical Sciences, Lucknow.
17th - 19th Feb 2023 Association of Orthodontists (Singapore) Congress, Marina Bay Sands,Singapore.
23th - 24th Feb 2023 11th Annual Congress On Dental Medicine and Orthodontics, Amesterdam, Netherland.
24th - 25th Feb 2023 17th Annual Conference of the Saudi Orthodontic Society
15th - 16th March 2023 8th International Conference on Prosthodontics & Orthodontics, Madrid, Spain.
15th - 18th March 2023 The New Zealand Association of Orthodontists Conference, Christchurch Town Hall, Christchurch, New Zealand.
22nd - 25th April 2023 American Association of Orthodontists, Annual Session, Chicago, Illinois, USA
15th may 2023 The 7th Annual World Orthodontic Health Day
6th - 10th June 2023 Spanish Society of Orthodontics, SEDO 69th Annual Congress, Bilbao, Spain.
11th - 15th June 2023 European Orthodontic Society, Oslo, Norway.
15th - 17th Sept 2023 57th Indian Orthodontic Conference.Meerut, Mangalya Convention Centre Meerut.
22nd - 24th Sept 2023 Greek Association for Orthodontic Study and Research, 17th Panhellenic Orthodontic Congress, Athens, Greece.
28th Sept - 1st Oct 2023 Canadian Association of Orthodontists, Lake Buena Vista, Florida, USA
12th - 14th Oct 2023 Societa Italiana Di Ortodonzia, 54th International Congress,Roma, Italy.
25th - 27th Oct 2023 56th Annual Scientific Congress of KAO, International Convention Center, Jeju Island, Korea. 
13th - 17th March 2024 29th Australian Orthodontic Congress, Venue TBA.
3rd - 7th May 2024 American Association of Orthodontists, Annual Session, Chicago, Illinois, USA
5th May 2024 The 8th Annual World Orthodontic Health Day
5th - 9th June 2024 Spanish Society of Orthodontics,SEDO 70th Annual Congress,Gran Canaria Island, Spain
TBA European Orthodontic Society, Athens, Greece.
TBA Canadian Association of Orthodontists,Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.
25th -28th April 2025 American Association of Orthodontists, Annual Session, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.
15th May 2025 The 9th Annual World Orthodontic Health Day
TBA European Orthodontic Society, Krakow, Poland.
8th - 12th Oct 2025 10th International Orthodontics Congress, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.